Wembley is our incentive…!!

Manchester United are reeling after three defeats in their last five league games and a laboured 0-0 Champions League draw against Marseille.

But, ahead of today’s mouthwatering FA Cup clash with Arsenal, boss Fergie insisted: “We’ve got to look forward. “There’s big opportunities at the club and we have a lot of challenges ahead for the rest of the season. “It’s terrific to be in March with every game you play is of an importance. “We have Marseille on Tuesday and then Bolton in a league game. It goes on and on. That’s why you hope to get to March and you’re involved in all these things – and we are.

“We have that experience to recover. It’s happened a few times. At any club you never go through a period of the season where everything is rosy. “When you get the bad moments you have to recover.” Asked if he had any sympathy for rival boss Arsene Wenger after Arsenal’s Champions League exit this week, Ferguson turned the question back on himself. He said: “I have sympathy for myself – I didn’t have an easy week.”

United have not won the FA Cup since 2004 and only five of Fergie’s current squad have a Cup winners’ medal. The Old Trafford boss said: “It was interesting to see that Rio Ferdinand has never won an FA Cup medal, which I’m surprised at. So it’s an opportunity, which is what I’m saying.” The fact that today’s tie pits the two title favourites together makes it all the more special. Ferguson said: “We expect a difficult game – and so will they.

“Manchester United games against Arsenal, since I’ve been down here, they’ve always been competitive and always meant something. “The incentive for both teams is a semi-final and you always like to take your team to Wembley. “There’s a certain credibility about that – even though I don’t entirely agree with semi-finals being played at Wembley.” Arsenal are just three points United in the title race, with a game in hand. Ferguson confessed: “They’re certainly closer to winning the league this season. That indicates an improvement in their team. “But they’ve always had good sides, ever since I’ve come down here. “Their history demands that. We’re the same. We have to have competitive, successful teams. That’s what big clubs have to do.”


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