How do you speed paint on Adobe Photoshop?

Speed painting in Photoshop

Use filters and cheat a bit – a few ideas:

1) start with a photograph placed on several layers – alter each layer with filters either entire photo or parts of the photo – then composite the layers with blending modes and various opacity – then add some hand drawn and painted touches to various layers then flatten and add some finishing touches

2) a very easy and effective technique is to start with a photo or hand drawn image on the bottom layer – find one or several images to use as texture and place them on their own layers – then select and crop out parts of the texture images and place them over areas of the base photo and use warping tools and the liquefy tool to form the texture over appropriate areas of the photo – use the texture like blobs of paint and continue to paint over the base image – you can create shiny metal robots with textures from cool art deco appliances – a very fast and easy technique to produce pro looking results

3) it is much faster to do your line drawing with pencil or pen and paper first and scan it into photo shop – make sure your lines are dark and distinct and connect completely – makes it easier to fill areas with color without a lot of line corrections in photo shop – fill in areas of color then add texture and blends with filters

4) nothing beats knowing how to draw to begin with – practice practice practice – once you get comfortable drawing or painting, working in photo shop is actually faster than by traditional media

See the video ~


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