Rio Ferdinand: Secret tweets of the former England captain

Rio Ferdinand is a prolific Twitterer but comments about him being replaced by John Terry have been strangely absent this week. Daily Mail editor discovered the missing tweets…

12.52pm Know the truth – I never blanked @Fabio_Boss. I forgot what he looked like. I have a history of forgetting important things. Busy man.

2.03pm He might play for a rival team, but don’t believe the press. No conflict about captaincy when it’s for the nation, so good luck, @Aaron_Ramsey

2.29pm I’m cheering @England, no matter who’s in charge. Backing @Andy_Strauss, but we need to bowl well.

2.48pm Understand. The captaincy is more of an issue to the press than to me. Got myself a new, designer armband. Wearing it on couch. Nice.

3.09pm Thinking this might be a set-up, like when I done Rio’s World Cup merks, and I’m still captain. I’ve sussed it

3.21pm Won zip on Euromillions last night, but neither did @JTEnglandcaptain so that’s all good. He’s changed his Twitter name. I noticed that.

3.48pm Hey @Steven_Gerrard — he only got it cos we were crocked! @JTEnglandcaptain laughs at your voice.

3.49pm If @SirAlex was Wales boss, they wouldn’t dare go back to the dressing room at half time. He’s a proper manager.

4.05pm You know that week we spend at major tournaments and four matches we play there? That’s what we play for. I’m a born leader.

4.14pm I did Comic Relief. I’m a natural comedian, but not as funny as Wales’ defence.

4.25pm Sources saying I’ll soon have a cup of tea and turn over to the boat race. Play 442 until I’m back @Fabio_Boss. Ta.

4.57pm If I was @Gareth_Bale, I’d have seen my team, said my leg hurt and done one. But I wouldn’t, I’m a true leader.

Copyright 2011 by Suffian Yans

Resources from The Daily Mail


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