Do we need a superhero?

What are your thoughts on the status of the human world?

Is the human race just waiting for extinction from ourselves all blowing each other up?

Do any of you think that we need a hero to save the day and if you do what kind of hero would you think would work a punisher a hippie or any others?

NO.. we don’t…!! You may ask why? cause we all got a super hero in ourself. Humans are blowing each other up. That’s a good point but it can be stop if the human want too stop it..! If we everyone can look into our heart and find the super hero sleeping hidden in ourself who need a super hero that who can fly or can sling web??

What is so-called superhero we most needed..?

In the real world, we need a wise LEADER who lead the world to peace, love & harmony… This is what we want…!! but can we relying on this leader…??












Or world organisation..?







Just think..!! & ask your heart & self.. The answers is yours…

Copyright 2011 by Suffian Yans


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