I feel like my lifes worthless , I don’t know why I am even alive?

Never looked back, just go on with the flow...

First of all, I’m not cheating or will never ever cheat on my life. But, my history or past surrounded my mind. What I must to do with my future.. I don’t care anymore..!! And I really don’t like my phone number..!! WHY?? Because I’m very angry when received message from some idiot..!!

Looks have nothing to do with self-worth or whether people like me or not. It is what is inside me that counts, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Look around…. I bet all of us will see plenty of people, that we don’t think are attractive, in relationships. Everybody has their own qualities that makes them unique. I just need to seek out friends that share on same interests. Or someone who understanding my life movement & trusted on me..

Towards life, I will never ever looked back cause it doesn’t mean anything to me..!! Just carry on with my life whether good or not.. I humble myself to received anything consequences. In life, we must know… something..

“Anything can happen..!! Lightning could strike”..


Copyright 2011 by Suffian Yans


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