Illustrator CS5 Tutorial_part 1

In this lesson, you will complete several exercises and receive an introduction to some of the important capabilities of Adobe Illustrator. Have fun with this lesson—these features are covered in more detail in later lessons. If you feel uncomfortable jumping right in to creating a project, you can skip to Lesson 2, “Getting to Know the Workspace” and come back to this lesson later.

The project

In this lesson you will create a comp (rough design) of a web page using some features that have been around for years, as well as new features recently added to Adobe Illustrator CS5.

1] Launch Adobe Illustrator CS5.

2] Choose File > Browse in Bridge or press the Go to Bridge button (Sample Lesson Image) in the application bar at the top of the workspace.

By pressing the Go to Bridge button, you launch a separate application called Adobe Bridge. Bridge is an indispensable application that acts as the central command center for all your CS5 Suite applications and helps you to organize your Adobe Illustrator projects. You can use Bridge to help you easily locate files. With Adobe Bridge, you can see a preview of every file within any folder.

3] Once Bridge opens, navigate to the ai01lessons folder within the ailessons folder that you copied to your computer and double-click to open it. If an embedded Profile Mismatch dialog box appears, leave it at the defaults and press OK. The artwork for a rough design of a web page appears. You can keep this completed file open for reference, or choose File > Close to close it. If you are asked to save the file, choose No.

4] The Illustrator CS5 workspace is consistent with the other applications in the Creative Suite 5, which helps you to find the tools you need faster, no matter which application you are using.

5] For this lesson, you want to have multiple panels showing at the same time. To make sure that you can follow the lesson more easily, choose Window > Workspace > Essentials, or click on the Essentials button in the upper-right of the application bar.


Setting up the artboard

You will set up the artboard to create your comp for a web page.

1 Choose File > New. The New Document dialog box appears. Type ai0101_work into the Name text field.

2 Choose Web from the New Document Profile drop-down menu. By choosing the Web preset your default colors, patterns, and gradients are built from RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) colors.

3 Make certain that 800 x 600 is selected from the Size drop-down menu, and verify that Pixels is selected in the Units drop-down menu. Press OK; the new document is created. The document window contains a blank artboard, which represents the region that contains printable artwork.


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