Captain America fantastic..!!

Captain America

My first thought of the film when I saw the trailer was please don’t end up like The Green Lantern & be a movie that looks appealing with trailers & advertisement but ends up to be a big CGI waist of money. I have to say Captain America did not disappoint. I know this is going to sound not pretty cool but I thought everything about the movie was really good even the bad things seem to flow perfectly with the film, not that there were alot of bad parts of the film but there were a few plot holes. The film had its own feel, it’s own environment for it’s herioc character to inspire the “American spirit” & surprisingly it worked.

Okay, so I feel that this movie was made with alot of respect towards the source material & I loved how this was filmed more like a period/adventure movie then a superhero movie. I also loved the writing & the actors which I think Stanley Tucci, Chris Evans & Haley Atwell did a great job bringing these characters to life. I really enjoyed this movie & think it is way better than “Thor” because it actually knows what film it wants to be & does it well. Go “The Avengers”..!!


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