So many users around the world dislike Facebook Timeline

Facebook is launching a new look and some users aren’t too happy about it.

In the next few dats, users will be required to use the new ‘timeline’ profile. Facebook has put new timeline as mandatory to all users around the world & hope users will easily using it with new interface.

The new profile page is basically a chronological timeline that organizes pictures, videos, and status updates. Besides the new layout, users will notice other changes.  They will now be able to look up past information by year, add life events, and cover pages at the top of their profile. The new look is not being received all that well by Facebook users.

Critics say the new layout is troubling because pictures and posts from the past that you might not want there now show up easily on the front page. If you want to make changes to your timeline, go to the home drop down box and click on help.Then click on Facebook Basics, and Timeline under Explore Popular Issues.

You will be able to see how to get started on the new profile, how to hide stories on your timeline, and what your timeline looks like to other people.





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