Life for SUCCESS

You know what you want. You have written down your goals, prioritized them and indoctrinated them into your game plan. Remember, any game plan must commence with a visual. You need to visibly see yourself at success to make it happen. It must be tangible, realistic & most important of all, fun.


Of the five human senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell), it is sight which we rely upon the most. You need sight to read (Braille aside). The Internet brings information into your home all through your eyes (and more recently through your ears). Due to the importance we (sub-consciously) place on our lives, it is only prudent too visualize your success. You will know at an instant whether your methods are working as the euphoria your mind associates with the vivid picture will be a dead give away.

I can’t emphasize the power of visualizing yourself at success enough, ultimately has on your chances of its attainment. It is, sadly, substantially underutilized within many of us and is a major contributing factor as to why many do not seem to have the persistence to go with the job.

There are many who take themselves far too seriously. You must be able to passively detach yourself from stress, negativity and any other influence that will counter your success.

If you want to hop on the rollercoaster ride at Disneyland and your friend turns to you and says that you must have rocks in your head for wanting to do so, what do you do? Of course, you go ahead and take the plunge. What else are you there for? Put the nay sayers to the side and enjoy the ride.

However most rides are bumpy, and it is possible you may be very uncomfortable. If so, then don’t get upset and don’t take it personally. We must all laugh at and learn from our mistakes. It’s nothing more than self-crucifixion if you get greatly upset with mishaps. As you enjoy more and more of what you do, your inclination to get back up again more quickly each time will substantially increase.

This is huge. This is a massive reason why people lose interest in reaching their goals. It’s common sense that we can’t really spend what we don’t have. Sure we can borrow money, purchase something and then pay the money back to the lender at an inflated amount, but at the time of the purchase your equity is still nil (i.e., your purchased assets equal your liabilities which in this case is the borrowed amount).

For some reason, we must have a car or two and an expensive holiday or so regularly. Naturally one must purchase their house and on the list goes. Sure, having your own assets gives you the independence we all seek, but if you go putting the cart before the horse then your chances of success (financial independence or whatever is indeed most important to you) will elude you.

The consumer mentality is an aspect which must be curbed to get ahead. It is impossible to think about wealth building when much money is being squandered away on assets which will only depreciate in value and cost you money simply to maintain. If you can live without it, then live without it until you have the backbone to your success in place. Otherwise, you may be chasing your own tail for a while to come.

Wealth of the mind commences with having the strength to believe in your own convictions — the strength you muster from within yourself to actually own up to what it is you are actually seeking! Sure, you can wait another day, month, year or however long it takes, but that is precisely what you’ll be doing! Waiting!

Waiting for what?
You may wait for an opportunity to come to you; but you probably won’t recognize it when it strikes because you weren’t looking for it at the time.

The longer you wait, the more you will become bogged down by the habits of familiarity and move further away from the goal –that of a “wealthy mind”. It is at this stage where we start looking for easier options, such as the national lotto for example. We all know how likely a big win is, don’t we?

The above are just a mere tips of the iceberg. Your success is ultimately up to you. You will need to tap into as much positive energy and quality idea generating material that you can lay your hands..

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