How unique person on Earth named “Tim Burton”..

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Tim Burton plays producer on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Reviews This film is a case of a title that is better than the movie. The idea behind it sounds great; that one of America’s most beloved Presidents was also secretly a Vampire Hunter, but the execution doesn’t live up to the premise. I’ve recently read books about the American Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination so probably know more than the average Brit about the President and this period of America’s history and there were nice details, incidents and characters taken from the period and Lincoln’s life that were included to give a bit of authenticity to the story. The truth, with the added inclusion of vampires could have created a really good film.

The film’s design is meant to be a sort of Gothic horror but it relies far too heavily on special effects and hardly anything in the film feels tangible. You get the feeling that about 80% of the film is shot on green screen which is a shame because there must be plenty of locations that could have been used. Another design problem is that it was obviously meant as a 3D film but I saw it in 2D because 3D is terrible. As a result things are constantly heading out of the screen at you which in 2D look pointless and this is a film which will probably find success on DVD, a mostly 2D format so why the film was designed in 3D I don’t know. ‘Atmospheric fluff’ is a constant feature of the cinematography and this just gets in the way. Obviously in 3D it’s meant to give the sense of depth (which according to various reviews it doesn’t) but in 2D it was once again pointless and distracting. For some reason the 30 year old Benjamin Walker looks like an alien or like Benedict Cumberbatch after he’s been hit by a spade to the face when he is playing the younger Lincoln but as the older Lincoln he at least appears human. Some of the effects look decent although aren’t on a par with the likes of Prometheus etc. The vampires for instance although obviously CGI’d, look quite good but the scene on the train looks awful and cheap. The main problem with the film’s design is the constant slow motion shots. Although the film is 105 minutes long, if it was played at full speed throughout it would probably be closer to 70.

Synopsis At the age of 9, Abraham Lincoln witnesses his mother being killed by a vampire, Jack Barts. Some 10 years later, he unsuccessfully tries to eliminate Barts but in the process makes the acquaintance of Henry Sturgess who teaches him how to fight and what is required to kill a vampire. The quid pro quo is that Abe will kill only those vampires that Henry directs him to. Abe relocates to Springfield where he gets a job as a store clerk while he studies the law and kills vampires by night. He also meets and eventually marries the pretty Mary Todd. Many years later as President of the United States, he comes to realize that vampires are fighting with the Confederate forces. As a result he mounts his own campaign to defeat them.


Tim Burton

Tim Burton has an “astounding imagination”. 

The eccentric director is serving as a producer on Timur Bekmambetov’s ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ and Benjamin Walker, who plays the titular character, revealed both Tim and Timur’s “unique styles” made working on the movie very special.
Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov really bring their unique styles and feel to ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. “They’re both highly intelligent, funny, macabre, visual geniuses. What’s fun is putting trust in that and realising what they’re going for is gonna be something you couldn’t possibly imagine. It takes trust and a lot of work and dedication. “The more specific something is, the more fun it is for an actor. Both of their imaginations are astounding!”

Benjamin Walker also revealed he appreciated the pair’s “macabre humour” during filming. He explained: “They bring a sense of the visuals that are rarely seen in film today, and also this unique macabre humour that is charming and exciting. “Timur always wants to do what has not been done. He wants to create an image that hasn’t been seen. He wants to kill someone in a way they’ve never been killed – and that’s very exciting, because then you’re not just hitting people with an axe, you’re doing something very specific.”

From my point of view on this movie, overall this is a extraordinary of a film. The idea is interesting and it could have been great on scenes. But the execution is extremely poor, from the fake looking blood to serious tone. I’ll prefer to vote 3 stars instead of 5 stars.. Good movie to enjoyed your weekend & a day.. 🙂


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