My Instacanvas Art Gallery

Instacanvas is a new service that helps Instagram users make money by selling their photographs as canvas wall art. Users can display their images through the “online gallery space” on the site, and sell their images to buyers as canvas prints without having to do any extra work. Instacanvas acts as the middle man, doing all the printing and shipping, and takes a 20 percent commission from sales. The prints start at $40 for a 12×12-inch canvas and go up to $80 for a 20×20-inch one. Photographers are paid via PayPal once they earn more than $100 in sales. Instagram users have bought into the idea: the service amassed over 4,000 users in the first 72 of beta testing.

Check out suffian_yans’s #Instacanvas gallery, where you can buy their Instagram artwork. My Instacanvas is available.

Designers are meant to be loved not to be understood
bee on flowers
Boat on lake raining art
Boat on yellow scenery art
bw spooky tree art
Golden scenery
Green sky up tree
Guitar samantha art
Island holiday painting art
KL Tower on red sky
KLCC night
KL Convention Centre at night
Kuala Lumpur on peaches sky
Ladybug art
Magenta tree scenery
Pink lake view
Red tree art
Sea scenery on oil painting
Silhouette peaches sky
Stone on red hell sky
Sunrise on hills
Tree on green sky
Vespa sprint retro art
Waterfalls on oil painting
Green sky sunset

“Thank you for seen my arts gallery. Design is where science & art break even. So did to life.. Life is a blank canvas & you need to throw all the paint on it as you can. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” 🙂

Copyright 2012 by Instacanvas & Suffian Yans


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