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‘Man of Steel.’ Rebuilding Superman with fear factor

Man of Steel won’t be hurting for an audience when the latest cinematic incarnation of Superman swoops into cinemas next summer. The casting of Henry Cavill (The Tudors, The Immortals) has been met with great enthusiasm from fanboys, media, and pretty much everyone with working eyeballs. The supporting players ooze quality and clout: Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne. That’s an all-star team-up of acting Avengers right there. Behind the camera, a marketable, geek-cool, movie-smart brain trust: producer Christopher Nolan, screenwriter David Goyer, director Zack Snyder. With talent like this above and below the line, there’s little doubt people will be buying tickets…


‘Superman Returns’ was an enterprise that didn’t make enough money and generate enough interest to justify making more movies like it, especially in an era when moviegoers were more fascinated by a kind of superhero that Superman wasn’t: A grim Batman, a glibly cool Iron Man. And so Man of Steel —the second “second coming” of Superman this century —comes with all the questions that its predecessor failed to answer compellingly. Is Superman relevant? Does he need to change? Do we trust his brand of heroism?

Man of Steel, the newest Superman franchise reboot, is looking pretty good from the latest movie still.

The shot shows Clark Kent, sporting the classic Superman suit and cape and staring into the distance in classic pensive superhero fashion. Unfortunately, as far as costume reveals go, this one isn’t the most exciting. We only get to see Henry Cavill’s back in this one, which is great as far as backs go, but doesn’t really give away much in terms of changes to the suit. Fans don’t get a good look in the trailers that have been released so far either, but they do, at least, give us a feel for the movie itself.


As origin stories go, this one will be pretty dark it seems, going for sleekness and style, which has been the trend these days, but with Christopher Nolan producing, is anyone really surprised. Nolan has set the bar high with The Dark Knight trilogy and there’s no question that comic book geeks and casual fans alike will be going into the theatres with high expectations.

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