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The curious case of Robin van Persie’s Twitter account

Robin van Persie has plenty to shout about right now. Only, he isn’t.

Robin Van Persie

The Dutchman may be in the form of his life with 21 goals in just 27 appearances for Manchester United, but his Twitter followers can be excused for feeling a little neglected.

Van Persie (@Persie_Official) hasn’t “tweeted” from his Twitter account since August 14, two days before the Dutchman completed his move to Old Trafford.

United have a couple of serial tweeters in Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney) and Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5), but RVP, an active member of the social media site during his time at Arsenal, seems to have abandoned his 2,730,764 (and growing) followers –but not before updating his bio to: “Manchester United & Holland Player”.

Has the striker been advised against using the site perhaps? Or are the “boo-boys” getting to him? While his relentless campaigning against gun control is exemplary, Piers Morgan’s (@piersmorgan) incredibly childish and tedious taunts of “Robin VanPursestrings” may have taken their toll on the ex-Arsenal hero.

RVP twitter deleted

Either that, or Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments on August 17 – the day after RVP signed – have dissuaded the star from using the site. “I don’t understand Twitter. I don’t now why anyone should get involved with it,” said Fergie.

“We have given instructions to the players that nobody should tweet about Manchester United.”

He added: “Remember that one word can make a difference on these things. You can’t take it back.”

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Malaysian Rally #KL112

Organisers of the mammoth #KL112 rally held in Malaysia’s historic Stadium Merdeka have estimated a crowd attendance of at least 500,000-less than their one million target but more than enough to send a shiver through Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.


“This show of strength is a real warning to the Umno-BN. If they continue to cheat at the general election, the Malaysian people won’t stand for it. They will come out to the streets & demand justice,” Hishamuddin Rais, a prominent activist who sits of the #KL112 organising committee.

Hishammuddin also sits on the steering committee of free & fairpolls movement BERSIH.

Police fudging the numbers?
The official figure released by the HKR #KL112 committee makes Saturday’s rally the largest ever in Malaysia, topping last year’s BERSIH 3.0 which drew more than 250,000. Those present at the Stadium are not surprised at the number.

However,what was shocking were the estimates furnished by the police & used by the government-controlled media. These ranged from a paltry 50,000 to 100,000 & can easily debunked as within the stadium itself & its immediate compound, there would have been at least 150,000. Including the crowds that met at the 8 designated meeting points & along the way to the Stadium, there were tens of thousands more.

But apart from possibly fudging the numbers, police who were out in full force were on their best behaviour, helping to control the crowd which was remarkably disciplined & well-behaved.

“Malaysians are well-known to be adocile & modest people. This is why when the violence broke out in BERSIH 3.0, the police & umno-BN were blamed for planting provocateurs. I am glad it didn’t happen again this time,” said Hishamuddin.


10-point declaration
The #KL112 rally, also called the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat or the People’s Awakening Rally, has 10 major objectives. They are:

1.A call for clean, fair & transparent elections with a free & independent press

2.A call for the prestige, image & reputation of FELDA to be saved by guaranteeing its agricultural role in the economy & the land ownership of the settlers.

3.Fair treatment & allocations to Sabah & Sarawak vis-a-vis Peninsular Malaysia

4.20% of oil royalty to be returned to the producing states

5.To raise professionalism, assure welfare & protect the future of civil servants including teachers & the armed forces

6.A call for a green environment that is clean & wholesome

7.A call for the national language to be supported, vernacular language to be preserved & standards of English to be raised in the education system, with free education for all Malaysian citizens.

8.A call to free all political detainees who have been unfairly imprisoned

9.A call for all traditional villages & places of heritage to be preserved,protected & defended

10.A call for a better lifestyle for women as promised in the Agenda Wanita Malaysia (The Malaysian Women’s Agenda)

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Future share photos – Just pinned IT

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite events, interests and hobbies. One of the fastest growing social networks online, Pinterest is the third-largest such network behind only Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest made its first acquisition on Thursday, buying up Punchfork, a 2-year old recipe sharing and discovery website, for an undisclosed sum.


Punchfork was founded in early 2011 and relies on algorithms to surface popular recipes based on how much they are getting shared and discussed online. The site is very visual with a layout similar to Pinterest and the goal has been to help home cooks share recipes with friends and family.

Pinterest, meanwhile, has emerged as a go-to destination for sharing and discovering lifestyle content, including recipes and food pictures. By acquiring Punchfork, the company will likely be able to boost its food content and perhaps eliminate a potential competitor in the process.

“Punchfork helps people discover popular new recipes in a visual way and encourages them to share these recipes with their family and friends,” Pinterest said in a statement provided to Mashable. “People come to Pinterest to find inspiration for their everyday lives and we think Punchfork’s mission aligns with this well.”

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