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SONY releases kernel source for the Xperia Z

Would you like a side of kernel source with your Sony Xperia Z? If the answer is yes, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Sony has released the kernel source code for its latest flagship phone — despite the fact that the Xperia Z won’t be hitting stores internationally for another few weeks or so.

SONY Xperia Z

This is just one of the many good gestures that Sony has been showing to the developer community. Last month, the Japanese phone maker shared the alpha build of Jelly Bean for the Xperia T prior to the official rollout of the Android 4.1 firmware.

3 colors on sideways

What exactly separates Sony from the likes of Samsung? As pointed out by XDA-developers, Sony actually releases a “complete, compilable, and working kernel source.” There you go.

Shape, solid & water proof

If you’re up for some compiling fun, you can head to Sony Developer’s website to grab the Xperia Z kernel source. Of course, you won’t be able to test it out on the handset right away, unless you live in Japan.

Does this make you ache for the Xperia Z more? Feel like giving Sony a virtual pat on the back? This new technologies from SONY would give a terrific impact on global tech. Sony still have a lot more years to comeback on mobile smartphones tech. As long every new ideas was implemented, nothing impossible for them to rise again.

SONY Xperia Z + dock charger

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