Rise of Papercraft Technology !

Just like architecture, papercraft is also a fusion of math and art.


In order to create a great piece in papercraft it requires careful planning, passion and an extreme amount of patience. With the rise of technology papercraft has renewed itself from a simple hobby to a new form.


Papercraft also known as paper model is an art form wherein people create three dimensional models of figures and objects using paper or card.


According to Papercraft Museum: “Papercraft is a hobby where computer images are printed, cut into pieces, and glued into a 3-dimensional model.”


Designs for papercraft are made by unfolding a 3D image using specialized programs, some designs are done by drawing based on video screen captures. Most people who does paper modelling make models of famous video game characters such as Minecraft’s Steve and Herobrine which they share in the Internet. In Japan, Papercraft is referred to as peparuka which gives homage to the ever growing Japanese papercrafting community. The term is also a name of a paper modelling software developed in Japan used to flatten 3D objects.


As time went by the application of papercraft slowly grew and evolved, from being used as art installation, modelling and decorative pieces it has now used as illustrations and design elements. Now, many designers and artists have used papercraft to give a fresh look for their editorial designs, posters, infographics and even with motion graphics. One amazing example of paper modelling is done by Lobulo Design that we have featured here sometime ago. Now, with all that said and done we are going to feature amazing designs that made use of papercraft or paper modelling whichever you prefer for your inspiration !



Papercraft is inexpensive and easy to learn. Many people have been doing it and with the help of Internet the proliferation of designs as well as software that makes the design has become easy, accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Internet forums dedicated to papercraft provides extensive and useful tips for beginners who are having a hard time working on their pieces.

What do you guys think? Think you can build a very elaborate papercraft?

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