Not Every Person With Depression Looks Depressed

sadness and depressed
sadness and depressed

It’s strange when I tell friends that I have depression (not that I used to make it a point to tell too many people) because I’ve seen multiple reactions. At this point, I’m recovered enough that most people are surprised. But in the past, I’ve seen people mentally back away slowly, as though they’ll catch it. I’ve seen people light up because they know someone else who has it! Or because they’re open-minded enough to know that we all have issues and it doesn’t really faze them. Those are the people I’m the most grateful for.

I have never told someone I had chronic depression and been asked out on a date immediately afterwards. I did date a few people when I was at my worst and to this day I cringe at the thought of certain things I said or did both in an attempt to hide and because I didn’t have good outlets.

I said above that I’m recovered. This is because, through therapy, getting to know myself, and working on that, I am able to have a better grip on my feelings.

not the end of the world
not the end of the world

There is beauty in the breakdown because once you’ve broken down, you can rebuild. If you hit rock bottom, your only choice is to make it better and work your way up again. People might say “Why hit rock bottom in the first place?” Truthfully, it’s not always as easy to avoid as one may think, and it’s not always as scary, either. That’s why things like interventions/etc exist. People don’t always know when they’re at their worst (I certainly didn’t at times).

Sadness is not beautiful. Depression is not beautiful. But there is something beautiful about working on your problems. On yourself. Don’t wait for the someone to do it for you. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you, its okay when you’re constantly miserable. You can be happy. You deserve to be happy.  And I know you can get there.

Copyright 2014 by Pamela Cori from Reader’s Digest


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