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What all men’s want in fashion

Fashion is something about you way of life
Fashion is something about your way of life

Whats exactly all men’s want in fashion and equivalent to their needs. Men’s style inspiration is no exception. Whether you’re a dude who’s looking for some advice, a gal who loves to borrow from the boys, or well, anyone who loves a pet that wears human clothing. With a mix of styles from classic to eccentric and to truly unexpected.

Building a smart wardrobe is one of the most important investments a man can make. The compound benefits over time are truly immeasurable. Like any smart investment, it should involve research, planning, and efficient execution. This is your hero. Your workhorse. Your go-to. Your three days a week, but nobody really notices.

men's wardrobe
men’s wardrobe
leather jacket = powerful skin for men's
leather jacket = powerful skin for men’s
time and future
time and future

When staring longingly at a luxury watch in a display counter, many gentlemen find themselves torn between the financial cost of the timepiece and the potential benefits of owning it. But what, exactly, are those benefits, and why do so many men make the plunge and invest their hard-earned money in a brand name watch? From social cues to investment advice, let’s take a no-nonsense look. 

The most important thing to remember when building a wardrobe is keeping synergy between all the pieces! This is your wild card. Your secret weapon. Your Ace on the river.

hair stylist
hair stylist

Nobody expects you but when you do, they’ll never forget it. It also opens-up plenty of opportunities for different style and combinations. That’s how much of an impact I think it can have on your wardrobe. Once you have these ten foundational suits in your rotation, you can start to get a little more creative and experience the true joys.

Getting dressed, like many things in life, would probably be easier with an instruction manual. There are more than a few men in our lives who often ask for some simple guidelines they can follow to get their wardrobes on track.

Luckily, men seeking fashion advice have plenty of awesome resources. The result is pretty awesome and worth forwarding to all the dudes in your life. There are a couple of particular trends that I’m excited about focusing on..

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